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The successful producer duo called SOS Project consists of the two cousins ​​Sven Schmitt (31) and Sascha Twesten (35). The two DJs and music producers, car dealers and music freaks have been represented in the music scene with great passion since childhood.

The foundation stone was laid in the childhood story.

It all started with winning the BRO'SIS Music Maker Contest advertised by MAGIX at the tender age of 16. Here the two boys won their first software package and the first MIDI keyboard. The foundation for further hits was laid. The interesting thing here is that neither of the two producers has profoundly profound knowledge of reading or writing notes. You are still self-taught today and have taught yourself both instruments and music production completely on your own.

The first successful song together with a world star.

In 2015 the two producers came into contact with the gold and platinum singer Dante Thomas (world hit: Miss California) as part of a big festival where they were booked as DJs. This resulted in the first large and well-known production of the two cousins ​​called "FIESTA" in 2016. The song made it to all radio stations right on time at the end of the summer, received numerous new releases, interview inserts and rotations on main channels and achieved various radio and listener chart positions internationally.

A great talent on the go read it to know more.

In 2017, following an Instagram search request from Angel Flukes, the reigning super talent winner, the two cousins ​​applied to her as new producers with their half-finished demos. The magical sound convinced Angel right away and so she couldn't help but fly to Frankfurt to record the songs "NO GAMES" and "MAGIC" together. The media interest in the song grew shortly after its publication, so that it was also successfully rotated or re-presented in radios around the world within a very short time. Particularly noteworthy is the Polish radio station Muzyczne, well comparable with Hitradio-FFH in Germany, where the song was so well received that it was number 2 in the station charts for 4 weeks, only trumped by Armin van Buuren,

Childhood Story
A childhood story processed in the music video

In 2019, the two music producers worked again with US star Dante Thomas, with whom they now regularly kept in touch and thought about new music together. Within the brisk writing, one came across a film called Three O'Clock High and the then title Something To Remember Me By by Jim Walker. The film was a top seller in the US, comparable to American Pie today. In terms of content, the song shouldn't lose any of its charm, but should become more modern overall. It was therefore decided to bring the songwriter Jim Walker on board and after he described the demo as "Amazing", it was time to revive the song again. The filming was based on regionality; only young film actors and elementary school children from Oberursel were used. That was particularly important to the two directors and producers from the SOS Project in advance. The song was released by the Austrian record label WATTSMUSIC! shopped by owner Ray Watts. Watts was looking forward to working together and building up the artists of the SOS Project. In the run-up to this, he had ensured the musical success of DJ Ötzi, Carmen Geiss and many other artists, among others.