SOS Project is releasing a real musical hit here together with Dante Thomas at the end of summer 2017! If you are in the mood for vacation vibes, a good mood and beats that just won’t let you go, you’ve come to the right place with their latest track “Fiesta”! Attention all DJs: You can currently find the title in our promo .


This number creates something that many have already failed at – it brings back commercial pop from the 2010s to 2013s and connects it with current musical influences. But how is that possible and why does “Fiesta” work so well?

With 110 BPM, the track can be played in the club as well as on the radio and can therefore accompany the whole day. The synergy between Dante Thomas’ voice and the Latin American sounds in the background is strong and encourages you to sing along in the shower. When listening to the song, you like to think of secret love, because it beautifully describes the details that catch your eye when you wear the rose-colored love glasses. The lyrics are by no means exaggerated, but bring the feelings to the point through simple language, so that you can learn them quickly.


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